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    Beginning Archers, looking for a Bow, what next

    As a general rule, beginning archers should not purchase a bow at a Big Chain store or even online. This is a major mistake some parents make when their child has been introduced to archery from friend or maybe their Scout troop.

    Parents, find a good Pro Shop. Bows are not a one size fits all. They come in specific size ranges. If you end up with one tha doesn't fit well, your child or you will become frustrated because you can't shoot it well. If you don't know of a good Pro Shop. Use our Archery Club Search to find an Archery Club near you. You can ask them about Pro Shops and Ranges near you. They will know the ones worth visiting and the ones to avoid. Make sure you tell the Pro Shop what your intentions for your Archery Equipment. What they recommend will be different if you are only in target archery or planning to on getting into bowhunting Bison!

    If you are not a new archer and know how to work on your own bows, then feel free to shop online. However, you will most likely not find top of the line new bows available online. The manufacturers do not allow it in most cases. Don't get me wrong there are some really good bows available online. For example, the Reflex line made by Hoyt. You can also purchase used bows online but buyer beware. Check references or feedback of the seller, if possible. Ask the obvious questions, condition, dry fire, scratches, why are they selling, view many pictures, etc.

    Archery Equipment

    If you generally know what you are looking, of course we are going tell you to buy your Archery Equipment from our online store. If you are not sure what to buy, send us an email and we will guide you based on our years of archery experience.

    We do recommend that you support your local Archery Pro Shop, if you are just not sure what you want and need some place to try out a few items. They will also be more than happy to make recommendations.

    Archery Supplies Accessories, arrow rests, arrow shafts, etc.

    For many Archery Accessories like sights, arrow rests, arrow shafts, and releases, you will always find them cheapest online. Whether you want Archery items or anything else, online is ususally cheapest.

    Bowhunting Equipment, do you plan to hunt

    Todays Archery Equipment is very efficient and capable of taking the largest game animals. Do not get stuck in the macho mentality that you have to pull 80 pounds to shoot whitetail deer. In our state you have to be able to pull 45 pounds to hunt whitetail deer. Yes, 45 pounds is enough. We recommend you shoot as much weight and you can handle. Even though you may be able to shoot 70+ pounds, you may not be the most accurate at that weight. You might be more accurate at 60 or 65 pounds. Accuracy is of utmost importance. You must be able to put the arrow where it is need. We owe it to the game animals we chase. One more note, pull 70 pounds during the summer is a lot different than pulling 70 pounds in hunting clothing after you have been sitting for 3 hours in 15 degree weather. Believe me it's much harder to pull.

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