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 Does listing on provide my Archery Club with more shooters?
 How much does it cost to list my Archery shoot? Nothing!
 How do we get our Archery shoot or event listed?
 How do we list muliple archery tournament dates?
 Can I list Archery Tournaments that are not 3D Archery?(ie: Field, FITA, etc.)
 Can I edit or delete my listing?
 Why don't I find Archery Tournaments or Events in my state?
 Browser Requirements
 I received a cookie warning on your site, do you use cookies?
 Do you belong to an archery club?
 Can we add your link to our Archery Club website? Archery Talk Forum, what is it?

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Does listing on provide your Archery Club with more shooters?

Clubs have contacted us and told us they have seen a 20%+ increase in shooter participation. They also stated they are getting a lot of new shooters to visit their clubs just by listing their Archery events on

How much does it cost to list my Archery shoot? Nothing!

This is the best part. Listing your shoot schedule doesn't cost you anything. We are providing this as a free service.

How to get your Archery shoot or event listed?

Click on the Add/Edit Shoots link at the top of the page. Register your Archery Club, login, and then click Add Shoots again to fill in the event form. Your listing will be available for viewing immediately. Email us if you have any questions or corrections.

How do I list for muliple dates?

After you list your first shoot, the form information you provided is stored in a cookie on your computer. The next time you try to add another listing, the information you put in the first time should re-appear in the form automatically. For montlhy shoots, just change the date and hit the Save Record. The rest of the form should have already had the info from your first shoot listing. If you have any trouble with this, please email Chris.

Can I list Archery Tournaments that are not 3D Archery(ie: Field, FITA, etc.)

Sure list them. Just be sure to indicate your type of shoot in the description. We are more than happy to have you list any archery tournament or club event for 3D, 300 round, Field, FITA, NFAA, Target Archery, etc.

Can I edit or delete my Archery Tournament listing?

Yes, you can edit or delete any entry that you made for your club. Just go to the Add/Edit Shoots menu and click on the Edit link provided.

Why don't I find shoot events in my state?

This site is highly dependant on the Archery Clubs to enter their information. We enter a lot of shoot events ourselves, but it is really up to the clubs in your state to enter the information. If they send us their shoot info, we do our best to get their events entered as soon as possible. It seems that some states just do not have the same number of shoots as others.

Browser Requirements

You must be running Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or above or Netscape 4.7 or above. If you have turned off Javascript, the menu will not show. Javascript is On by default so unless you turned it off, it's fine. The site diplays best in Internet Explorer. Netscape is now a discontinued product.

I received a cookie warning on your site?

Yes, we record a cookie on your computer. This is for storing your Clubinformation so you do not have keep refilling the new shoot form. By recoding this cookie, it automatically refills the new shoot form.

Do you belong to an Archery Club or visit clubs

If you belong to a club or visit clubs, please pass on our information to them. We would love to have their shoot schedules. If you have a website address or email address for your local club just send it to us and we will contact them.

Feel free to add a link to our page on your website.

Let us know you added a link and we will add you to our links page as well.

Mark your Bows by Jerry

I am posting this as a reminder or a new idea for those who are new(er) to the sport. I believe we can't pass along too much info that we have acquired in many years.

One thing I do on my bows, is once your bow(s) are finely tuned, get a White Out pen and mark as much as you can on your bows. Make as many reference points as possible so when you are sitting in your stand, you can look over these "corresponding marks" and know that everything is still lined up and nothing has moved. It is too easy to bang something in the dark, etc. and have something be off and come time to shoot, you're like WHAT happened????

I mark my cams so I can instantly see if my string has stretched or anything has moved, I mark anything that can move, they dont have to be big marks, just so you can see that it lines up with the reference point. I mark, limb bolts, kisser, string loop, rest parts, sight parts, cam and cam parts, and anything that MIGHT move.

This can save you a major headache if your shooting goes off! I also have spreedsheets that I keep records of all the pertinent measurements of the bows I work on. When someone comes back with a problem, the first thing I do is measure everything about the bow and compare it to the chart before I do anything. It can make life much easier ! The spreadsheets can be downloaded by clicking on the link provided. You can always customize them to your needs.
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