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How do I get started in Archery?

If you do not know anyone involved in the sport of Archery, use our Archery Club search or contact a club in your area. Please, do not just go to a big box store and buy equipment. Box stores not only will sell you what they have, they normally do not have qualified personnel to work on or setup the equipment properly.

Once you find an Archery Club, talk to the people there. They can usually recommend a good Archery Pro Shop in your area. Ask the Clubs lots of questions about getting started. Which shops they recommend. Visit one or two of these shops and ask more questions about getting started. Tell them what your goals are. If you want to target shoot, or hunt, they will have different recommendations for you. If you have a budget in mind, tell them, what that would be. They can then help you get what you want out of Archery.

Archery equipment is size specific. What fits one person will usually not fit another. If you go to an Archery Pro Shop and get setup properly, you will improve much quicker and will not become frustrated. If you do not get sized properly, you will spend many frustrating hours trying to figure out why you can't shoot very well.

If you are looking at equipment for children, make sure buy a bow with a large amount of adjustability. Kids grow fast. You don't want to have to buy them a new bow each year. Also, a bow that fits and works for a 13 year old will not fit is brother or sister that is 2 or 3 years younger. If you plan to hand it down to the next child in a year or so that is a whole different issue. Just don't expect two kids to shoot the same bow. If rarely happens unless they are twins. There is one exception, the Mathews Genesis bow can be shot by children and adults. Again, talk to your local Archery Pro Shop and get their opinion on your specific situation.

An Archery Pro Shop can usually recommend a Certified Archery Instructor. To beginners just learning, these people are a huge help in getting started the right way. Getting started the wrong way only leads to frustration. Even if you have a buddy that shoots, get the opinions of the experts when you are just starting out. Learning the right way to do things first is much easier than trying to fix old habits later.

Archery is a great family sport that can be enjoyed by all including men, women and children.


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