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    Archery Hunting, why do this?

    Why do some people use archery equipment to hunt or bowhunt? Many people that gun hunt take up archery hunting as a way to either increase the length of their season or try to make hunting a bigger challenge. Depending on your use of Compound bows or traditional archery gear, you can make it as easy or as hard as you like. That said, archery hunting is not easy. It takes dedication to practice and the desire to learn how to be proficient. You owe it to the animals you hunt to be the best archer you can be. Practicing two times before the season opens in unacceptable. Most archers need a lot more practice than that. Most states have 3D Archery events that you can participate in during the off season to keep your skills sharp.

    Contact your local Department of Natural resources for hunting laws. The guides they provide will tell you what game animals and/or fish you can hunt with your bow and arrow. Yes, there is a thing called bowfishing and it's quite fun.

    Bowhunting Equipment

    If you are new into archery, find a good archery pro shop in your area and ask them how and were to get lessons. They will also provide you with the proper bowhunting equipment needed to harvest the game of your choice. Remember to choose wisely. The type of bow and its characteristics will be different if you plan to hunt moose or fish.

    Bowhunter education

    Many states require the hunter to pass a bowhunters education course. These are offered to help hunters understand that archery hunting is very different than gun hunting. Many shots that you can take using a gun are totally unacceptable for archery hunting. The bow and arrow just does not have the same energy as a 30-06 rifle. If you plan to hunt public grounds, there actually may be a shooting proficiency test. We have these in certain areas of our state. You are required to prove that you are a good enough shot to be hunting on their property.

    For more information on archery hunting, visit our bowhunting forum

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