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Archery Product Review: Paradigm C.T.A. String Suppressor

Initial impressions of this item was that it is top quality. The manufacturing and look of this supressor is very impressive. I was a little skeptical on the operation of the spring system and the supression rod until I got a chance to use it. Let me give you a little background on what makes this suppressor different than all the rest of them on the market. This supressor has a spring system and a rubber spring stopper. This provides an additional noise and vibration dampening feature. When the string hits the stopper, it pushes the rod forward and compresses the spring inside the mount.

CTA String stopper

To test the CTA String Supressor, I took my son's bow which is my hand-me-down Bowtech Commander. Now this bow doesn't have much for vibration or hand shock but I have the limbs backed out quite a bit for him to be able to draw the bow. This in turn caused quite a bit of string noise and would occasionally nick his arm. So this was a perfect candiddate for the CTA String Suppressor. I measured and cut the excess length off the supressor rod. The rod being long allows you to set it for any bow. It is very easy to cut and remount the supressor cushion.


Now the rod has an o-ring on it that allows you to see if the spring system is working. You can push the oring against the mount and when fired you can tell that it worked by where the oring is after you shoot the bow. You can also adjust the spring tension making this supressor fully customizable. Whilte watching my son shoot, I could see that the o-ring would move slightly when shot and you could really tell that the noise level was reduced. My son stated he no longer gets nicked by the bowstring either.


If you have never experienced shooting with a string stopper on your bow, your missing out. The reduction in string vibration makes a huge difference in the feel of your bow. We can highly recommend the Paradigm CTA on a very high quality design and machined product. If you need a string suppressor are interested any of their products, just contact Paradigm at their website.


Archery Product Review: Carter Ember Release

I have been a fan of Carter releases for quite a while. I think I have shot nearly every release they have made in the last three years or so. Every year Carter seems to push the envelope in archery release technology. You never know which direction they are headed or which type of new release they will come up with.

This year was no exception, they came up with a new thumb trigger style release. Now this release was different looking than their previous thumb trigger release. In the past, they all had a similar trigger system with different handle designs. This years release not only has a new handle design, but a new jaw, a new thumb shoe, modular finger system and customizable trigger springs.

I didn't really know what to expect from this release. It has a nice look and a nice feel to it. However, I thought it was just another thumb trigger and didn't really put too much thought into it. Well that all changed when I took it into the range and started shooting it.

The new Carter Ember release is something special. I have yet to really figure out if it is the new handle design, the new thumb shoe trigger or the new jaw design. This release is a real eye opener when you start shooting it. The trigger system is as crisp as I have ever shot on any release. You absolutely do not feel any trigger travel before it fires. You know with many thumb trigger releases, you get the occasional shot that will just not fire. Kind of like a hang up where you just can't get it to release with proper back tension. Well, those days are gone when you are shooting the Ember. My first experience with shooting it, I actually thought it was over sensitive on the trigger. So, I took the stock spring out and put in a heavier one and proceeded to shoot it. It shot fine this way but after about 100 arrows, I went back to the stock spring and found I really like it this way.

As a fan of the Carter releases, I am really impressed by the new Ember. If thumb trigger releases are your choice, you owe it to yourself to try this release. Our own in shop testers snap these releases up at an amazing pace. Everyone that tested the release bought it. Carter, you did it again, you have a winner.

Archery Product Review: STS Shock Terminator Supressor

Here is a product I had my doubts about. I had seen lots of posts about it and received a call from Joe at Bucks N Ducks telling me how great this product is. Yes, I was skeptical to say the least. So Joe sent me one to try out. I'm just sorry we didn't try this thing sooner.

We installed the STS on a 2005 Bowtech Constitution which doesn't have much shock or noise to begin with. The results were outstanding. All felt shock was gone and talk about quiet. This bow has a custom string on it and no string silencers of any kinds. After installing the STS, you could hunt with this bow if it wasn't for the bright annodized finish.

A few of our staff shooters attended the ASA shoot in Tennesse and they talked to many Pro archers who had the STS installed. They shared our sentiments that the STS is an amazing device. Not only does it remove the hand shock and string slap noise but it also improves accuracy. By creating a stopping point for the string, the arrow is release at a higher brace height than it would normally release at. This makes for a more forgiving setup, in effect increasing the felt brace height of the bow. Some of the pros stated it greatly improved the groups and left to right misses.

I can tell you this much, there will be one on my hunting rig this year! Many of our staff shooters have already purchased their own STS for their bows.
Visits the STS Website to get more information or call them at 731-286-6889.

Archery Product Review: Pacific Bow Butts, Porta Butt

Pacific Bow Butts is one of the new Target companies that are definately worth looking at. Their targets are made of compression molded straw. This acts as a friction brake to stop the highest kinetic energy bows. The result is a long lasting system that can handle the fastest bows. Pacific Bow Butts are also biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly.

We recently tested the Porta Butt target. The targets produced by Pacific Bow Butts are quality targets. This is not a cheap light weight target. This "portable" target is 70 pounds and very durable. We shot arrows of every size imaginable into the Porta Butt target. The arrows did not sag even after countless arrows shot into the same area. One of my concerns was pass throughs. So we purposely put the target at close range and continually hammered a quarter size spot. We used many arrows with saunders combo pounds which should produce a lot of penetration on this type of target. We also switched between large diameter arrows and very small diameter carbons. The result, not a single pass through. We didn't even get one arrow up to the fletching.

Overall, we feel this is a very good target and should last for many, many shots. Pacific Bow Butts estimates 50,000 shot or more and we believe it. They also state that using broadheads on the target will make it last even longer. We did not test this target with broadheads. The only issue we see is you can only shoot two sides because of the bands that wrap the target and hold it together. If the target lasts for 50,000 shots, then it isn't really an issue is it. Whether you need a personal target or targets for your range, Pacific Bow Butts are definitely worth a look. Click the link
to learn more about Pacific Bow Butts.

Book Review: With Winning in Mind by Lanny Bassham

The basic premise of this book is to teach you to compete at your full potential. This is accomplished not only through physical training but through mental training.

Lanny Bassham is an Olympic Rifle Shooting Champion. He was won numerous World Championships and has set many World Records. Lanny also has both Gold and Silver Olympic Medals. He obviously knows what competitive pressure is all about. In his book, he teaches many methods and explains why we don't always perform at our best when the competition is hot and heavy.

Lanny discusses why we can perform well at the "not so important" tournaments, do really well during practice, and then shoot so poorly at a big, "important" tournament events. He goes into detail how mental thinking has such a huge effect on the results.

Positive thinking and mental visualization are very important. Being positive almost to the point of being cocky. Self image is import, knowing you have the ability to perform at a high level.

I can't tell you how many times at a tournament I would be shooting really well and getting close to the end. I would get about five shots from the end and just be thinking, don't shoot any eights. Guess what would happen. I would shoot an eight, then get upset and be thinking, just don't shoot any more. Another eight would then follow.

With Winning in Mind, teaches the following:

  • The most powerful mental tools used by Olympic winners.
  • The secrets of mastering the pressure of big competitions.
  • The three mental processes that control a winning performance.
  • Why 95% of all winning is accomplished by only 5% of the participants.
  • How to turn your deficiencies into strengths.
  • The Mental Management System used by Olympic teams from seven nations.

    I feel this book will be very helpful to anyone that is into a competitive sport. It doesn't even have to be a shooting sport. The mental aspects are the same regardless of your choice of sporting competition. However, if your into Competitive Archery, this is a must read.

    Overall Rating: 4 out 5 stars

    This book is available from their website Mental Management or call 800-579-5079


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