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Bowhunting Equipment

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  • Bowhunting Equipment

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  • Bowhunting, What is involved.

    Bowhunting is considered the a type of hunting using a bow of some sort. This can include the compound bow, the long bow or recurve bow, normally called traditional and some even say the crossbow. But the crossbow is a whole different issue.

    To be effective as a bowhunter, you need stealth, accuracy and the ability to out smart your game animal of choice. This means chasing the animal in its' own back yard. This is tough to do. Depending on the animal you pursue, this means outsmarting it's eyes, ears, sense of smell and some even say, the animals sixth sense. Let's take the whitetail deer for example. It is faster than us, can hear a whisper from 100 yards away, can smell you from more than 100 yards away and has very good eyesight. No you tell me who has the advantage, the hunter or the deer.

    It is much more difficult to bowhunt than it is to gun hunt. This is not to say that gun hunting is easy. But when the normal effective range of most bowhunters is less than 30 yards and the most gun hunters are capable of taking game at 100 yards or more. There is a big advantage.

    Bowhunting or hunting is not for everyone. Some people look at the Deer and see Bambi. Folks, that is not Bambi. A large Buck Deer during the rut have been known to charge, gore, stomp and kill people. This generally doesn't happen but please respect the power of these animals. Hunting has been in the American history since time began. It is not a sport that should be outlawed because of suburban, disney mentality.

    Hunters are not blood thirsty kill anything that moves people. Hunters are the wildlife conservationist. I know this sounds odd. However, if it wasn't for hunters, we would not have the animals today that we do. In the 1950's there wasn't any deer hunting because there were very few deer. Hunters changed this. Hunters reintroduced the Turkey and the Elk. It is the extremely large amounts of tax money from hunting permits, ammunition and archery equipment that paid for this. These items have a special tax. Only the people that purchase these items pay this tax. So the non-hunting public doesn't pay for the conservation, the hunters do. If it wasn't for the hunters, today's abundance of wildlife would not exist.

    Bowhunting Equipment

    Today's bowhunting equipment has improved greatly over the last few years. Bows are more accurate and much more powerful. The bow is very effective and capable of bringing down the largest game animals. Hunting with a bow still requires quite a bit dedication to practice. If you plan to bowhunt, you owe it to the animals you pursue to be as proficient as possible with your bow. If you do not practice you will not be accurate. Current bow technology makes it easier but it still requires practice. Do not let your bow sit all summer in the closet and then bring it out the night before opening of deer season. You go out and shoot 10 arrows and say your ready. Hogwash. There are hundreds of archery events all summer long to keep you in practice, not to mention it's fun.

    Bowhunting, What type of Game

    In many states you can hunt small game, big game, or anything in between. The bow is a very capable piece of equipment. Many of the largest game animals have been taken with the Bow and Arrow. Across the United States, people hunt various forms of deer, elk, moose, dall sheep, bear and many others. If you are up to the challenge, many have hunted the Grizzly Bear. Stalking an animal that is the size of a Volkswagen and can take you out with one swipe of it's paw is not for the faint of heart. But if you need an adrenaline rush, this is one for you.

    Bow Draw Weights, What is required?

    Todays Archery Equipment is very efficient and capable of taking the largest game animals. Do not get stuck in the macho mentality that you have to pull 80 pounds to shoot whitetail deer. In the of Illinois state you must be able to pull 45 pounds to hunt whitetail deer. Yes, 45 pounds is enough.

    We recommend you shoot as much weight and you can handle. Even though you may be able to shoot 70+ pounds, you may not be the most accurate at that weight. You might be more accurate at 60 or 65 pounds. Accuracy is of utmost importance. You must be able to put the arrow where it is need. We owe it to the game animals we chase.


    There generally two classes of broadheads, expandable and fixed blade. This is one of the largest, most heating debates you will get into. There are pluses and minuses for both sides.

    Why choose an expandable over a fixed blade broadhead. Typically it is easier to tune a bow to shoot an expandable more accurately than a fixed blade head. Well, then why not just shoot expandables and forget about it. It's not that simple. Expandable broadheads loose a small percentage of penetration because of the nature of the expandable head. A small part of the energy is required to open the head. This means less energy is transferred into the penetration. So there is a small risk that you will not get a complete pass thru. A pass-thru is when then arrow completely passes all the way through the animal give you and entrance and exit wound.

    Fixed Blade broadheads required more careful setup and generally helical fletching. Helical fletching causes the arrow to spin more during flight. This helps to stabilize the arrow and make it more accurate. Fixed blade broadheads can try to steer the arrow, not a good thing. This is why we want it spinning to keep if from steering, thus making it go where we want it to go.

    There are many theories as to why one head style is better than another. It all comes down to this. Buy good, reliable, sharp broadheads. You pick the style. Now make sure you are can accurately shoot them and hit where you are aiming. Regardless of head style, a properly placed broadhead will bring down the animal you are after quickly and cleanly.

    Carbon Arrows

    Carbon Arrow shafts are becoming a very hot item in archery these days. I believe they are outselling the aluminum arrows. Why, you ask? Carbon arrows are either broken or straight. There is no in between. Another school of thought is that carbon arrows are stiffer. A stiffer arrow flexes less when it hits the animal. What this does is put more power into penetration of the arrow. Carbon Arrows are generally more expensive than aluminums. The top quality ones are almost twice as much. But they normally last three to four times as long.

    There are many styles of carbon arrows today. From light weight target shafs to heavy durable hunting shafts. The manufacturing of carbon arrows has improved dramatically. They can not produce carbon arrows with the straightness of aluminum. It does come at a cost though.

    Aluminum Arrows

    Aluminum Arrow shafts have pretty much remained unchanged. The exception is material types. They use high quality, strong aluminum for the arrows. Aluminum arrows are generally straighter than their carbon counterparts. Aluminum is also cheaper. The problem with aluminum is they bend. This can be a huge problem if you are on a week long hunt for Elk and bend your arrows. Bent arrows will not hit where you are aiming, period.

    Carbon Aluminum Arrows

    The Carbon Aluminum Arrow Shaft is a composite arrow with carbon on the outside and an aluminum core. This is a good concept but not totally necessary. The idea is the aluminum core give you the straightness of aluminum and the carbon outer shell give you some durability. It does help in the durability department but don't think they don't bend because the do.

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