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What is a Field Archery Tournament or Event?

A Field Archery round or tournament is generally placed in the woods and on varying terrain. Shots are taken at various known distances.

Field Archery is a game of shooting, not yardage estimation. The basic Field round is made up of 28 targets. It is setup in two 14 target units.

You shoot 4 arrows at each target. You end up shooting 112 arrows for a full round or two half round. There is a 14 target field round and a 14 target hunter round


The standard NFAA Field Round has distances that vary from 20 feet to 240 feet. There are four different size target faces. The further the target, the bigger the target. If you are under the age of 14 your longest distance is 50 yards. If you are under 12, the longest is 30 yards.


The hunter round is similar to the field round except that you shoot an all black target with a white dot for the bullseye. The ranges on the hunter round vary between 33 feet and 210 feet. Again there are 4 size faces to shoot at and different distances on the roving course.

In both the Hunter round and the Field round, there is a max possible points per arrow of 5. Since you shoot 4 arrows at each target there is a possible 20 points for each target and 560 points is a perfect score in Field Archery


It is quite fun to launch an arrow at 80 yards and see how close you can get to the bullseye. You can say, I don't shoot deer at 80 yards. Most people don't. The goal is to teach you to be a better archer. If you can shoot well at 80 yards, how easy will the 20 yard hunting shot be?


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