We are continuing to improve the Archery Shoot schedules database. The Archery Clubs are registered by club name and email address.

If you forget your Registration Password, on the login screen there is a link that says "Did you Forget your Password, click here". This will send an email to the registered email address for this Club and will have your password in the email.

When the email is sent, it will show the email address that the password was sent to. If this is NOT you or the person in charge of the shoot schedules, send us an email and we will correct the email address.

Also, after you login and see the Edit Menu, you will be able to edit your Clubs information including the password. This will allow you to change the password to something you can remember.

If you have any questions regarding adding or editing of shoot schedules or would like to see a feature added to the shoot schedules, please email shoots@3dshoots.com and let us know.