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Conversation Between Westy and Carpshooter

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  1. GiDAy Mate How they hanging Mate!!!!!
  2. Glad you drop by !
  3. But did you know this,Thread hijacking is a mortal Sin??????

    My post count is being affected by you not being there , might end up like buddy Gator and have to watch paint dry !

    Wishing you well , mate .

    Garry ( Carpshooter )
  5. Westy , how are you ?

    I was in the Campfire section over at AT and in the Political , Religious , Military Thread part in the thread " Our 2012 Choices " , I posted you photo !

    Go over there mate for a laugh and join in !

    Wishing your family and you well !

    Garry ( Carpshooter )

    PS. I'm there some , raising hell to those characters who just live and babysit that section , now youi know what I do at times !
  6. GiDay pants down good to see you got that car up and running,want to send you something for christmas,and no it's not a free phone do you havea postal address for me to send it before the Christmas rush
    Cheers Tim West
  7. didn't think I should post this onewell this a bit naughty isn't it !

    A commercial farmer in Zimbabwe has had his Rhodesian Ridgeback cloned and added a silicone chip....

    The results are truly breathtaking - the dog is now up to 10 niggerbytes per minute....
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