Fat Boy Shafts & QuikSpins
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    Thumbs up Fat Boy Shafts & QuikSpins

    One of my customers just told me that they started shooting the new Easton Fat Boy Shafts and Quikspin vanes. He said he is getting the best groups he has ever shot.

    So after his endorsement, I started shooting the Fatboys with 1.8" 3D Duravanes. These are flying really well too. I am going to spend some time shooting them on the Field course and see how I do.

    The new NAP QuikSpin vanes are 4" long and have a little rutter on the back end of the vane. They call it a kicker and it causes a straight or slight offset fletched arrow to spin faster than a helical feather. This is quite an accomplishment. I know when hunting season rolls around, I will be shooting the new Easton ST Axis arrows with Quikspin vanes.

    If you have any experience with these shafts or vanes, please reply
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    Thumbs up I agree

    I have been using the Axis 340 shafts and love them. I shot a turkey with one this year from my double bull blind. I started using them for 3-D as well. Boy are they hard to pull out of a McKenzie target.
    Some of my friends are starting to use the Fat Shafts and they love them as well. I think I will be trying them myself for 3-D, but definetly will stay with the Axis arrows for hunting.
    I read another post on another sight that some guy wrote about the Axis shafts not keeping their straightness tolerancess long after being shot for a while. Just wondering if anyone else has heard of this?

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    I saw that post too about axis shafts and them loosing their grouping ability. However, this is the only case I have heard of this. If it was wide spread, I am sure we would hear more.

    I will also be hunting with the axis shafts this year.

    As far as the hard too pull...tell your club to get Rineharts. Second thing buy some gorilla grease lube. Makes it much easier to pull the arrows.
    Chris Christenson - Admin
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    I have a couple of buds who are shooting the "Fat Boy's" in 3-D. They all love them.

    I saw my first "quick spin" vane 2 days ago. They are sexy looking to say the least.

    I bought some and will tell you what they did. It may be a week before I have tested them. Plan is to try them on both target and hunting shafts.

    Back to the "Fat Boy" thing. Gold Tip is offering a 25 size arrow also. It is called the Pro X-Cutter. Since my buds were testing the FB's, I bought a dozen of the Gold Tips. So far so good. Out of the dozen bare shafts, 9 spun almost perfect. I'll keep you updated.

    - Pinky

    Oh yeah.....To ease in the removal of carbon shafts from 3-D targets, try using a small bar of soap. Yep, just rub down the first six inches of the shaft with the soap and they pull much easier.

    What is Gorilla Grease?
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    5-Spot just did a review of the Quik Spin vanes and says they are very good. You can read his review here

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    Before switching you might want to check the weight on the quick spins. They are heavier than normal vanes and will definately change you f.o.c......

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    I have some Axis that i think im gonna get refletched with the quickspin, I really do like the Axis they have grooped well for me.

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