One of my customers just told me that they started shooting the new Easton Fat Boy Shafts and Quikspin vanes. He said he is getting the best groups he has ever shot.

So after his endorsement, I started shooting the Fatboys with 1.8" 3D Duravanes. These are flying really well too. I am going to spend some time shooting them on the Field course and see how I do.

The new NAP QuikSpin vanes are 4" long and have a little rutter on the back end of the vane. They call it a kicker and it causes a straight or slight offset fletched arrow to spin faster than a helical feather. This is quite an accomplishment. I know when hunting season rolls around, I will be shooting the new Easton ST Axis arrows with Quikspin vanes.

If you have any experience with these shafts or vanes, please reply