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    Default Anyone see CSI last night with the Bowtech

    Did anyone watch CSI last night. They had a murder with a Bowtech bow. Great plug for Bowtech. Yes, it was kind of cheesy but you can't buy that publicity for less than half a million bucks.
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    They made bow shooting look too easy. 100 yard kill shot plus when they showed them on the practice range, their form was horrible. They shot with their fingers even though the one bow had a loop on it. doh!

    Still kind of cool to see a high tech bow on a TV show. But they hollywood-ized it of course. You have to just accept it for what it is.

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    Default csi show

    Yup, watched it. Sure wish I could shoot like that.

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    Default Missed that.

    Murder at 100 yards with fingers?
    Did he have cxl2's and cbe with a classic scope on there?
    I think I know that guy.....

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    got to love the little added sound effects when they drew the bow back.I know bowtec's dont make that much noise !!!!

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