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    Default hoyt trykon owners pls respond

    Hello all, I have had my new trykon for 2 weeks, shot pry 400 arrows, shooting 400 fatboys at 27 inches at 286 fps at 65 lbs, well within the 5 grain per in ibo standard. Im right handed, 28 draw. I have noticed a problem with the string on the bottom cam, where the string rides in the slot on the cam, it is wearing on the right side of the sting, almost though the wrap on the string, I saw this on a bow that i was test shooting at the shop, and was told it was caused by string stretching, though ok no prob, well the more i look at it, you can tell that the bottom cam has a slight twist to it and the string dosent ride directly down the center of the string grove in the cam, I also have noticed that their is a spacer or something that is missing on the bottom cam, and i am able to slide the limbs away from the cam on either side about 3/32. I have been shooting for about 16+ years and am not a total idiot, these are problems with the bow, and i dont see why the top cam has no side to side slop, and the bottom one will have 3/32....... @ 2 things i can think of as far as the cable getting worn is to twist the cable that is on the right side of the cam, it conects to the yoke that attatch on the top limb on both sides, this will put a little more tensin on the bottom right side limb and make it twist abit towards center and it will line up with the string in the center of the string grove on the cam, thus causing less were on the string, or ill take a dremmel to it and open it up a bit, i shoot alot and no way am i replaing the string every 3 or 4 thinking this string will pry need to be replaced at 1000 or so shots if it keeps wearing like it is, and i say this is not right, the shop tells me its from sting stretch and that is total bs, ive been shooting for a long time and i know what a stretched sting looks like,and if you look down the string, you can see when it gets to the bottom cam, its not streight. they dont seem to want to help much, The bow is however very sweet, smoth accurate and shoots xs like crazy.... however is not right by eating stings, this thing cost me $780.00 for the bow alone, If i could have all you trykon owners check out your stuff and let me know what you find, i would be thankfull.

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    I have an XL and i have put close to 500 shots thru it so far and i see no such wear on my strings and the string doesn't even stretch because my peep has not moved on me yet. As far as the side to side slop on your cam, i haven't noticed if mine does that but i will have to look at it when i get home tomorrow. These fuse strings are good quality IMO, that shop sounds like morons, i wouldn't do any dremeling to your bow i'd take it to the shop and demand them to check it out if they don't know have them send it back to hoyt or have them call or a hoyt rep and ask them.

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    Default trykon owner

    here is my set up

    trykon 27 inch draw @ 65 lbs
    vital bow gear 5 pin pentagon sight
    doinker d2 plus stablizer
    wisker biscuit quikshot
    carbon express cxl2 250 shafts custom feathers

    i have had my bow for about 3 months now and have shot atleast 600 arrows thru it and i inspect it after every day i shot it. i have yet yo notice any kind of damage or abnormal wear.The shot where i got mine has a vip club. when i bought my bow which was $660 i paid another $60 for the vip card and i get to shot at the range at a good discount but the main reason i got it was they will tune my bow once a month free of charge for 3 years. have only had this kind of trouble with one hoyt i owned i sent it back and they sent me a new bow. i owned it for two years after and no troubles. if your having trouble like that get in touch with hoyt they are very easy to work with

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    I checked my trykon today and it has no signs of any looseness in the cams. sounds like yours might need some fixing.

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