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    Question loops for releases

    I am using a release and right now i am using it on the bow string itself. Now I know that this is going to wear on my string, so is there any suggestions on what i should use to prevent this wear or slow it down. I have seen loops that are made from stirng and also aluminum. The aluminum ones there are so many to choose from and I am just trying to get a feel if anyone uses these and what brands and or types. And is there any modifications to your bow, and your arrows? Do you move your nock or just remove it completely? Just trying to get some real world advice on these not from the manufacturer. Thanks for any advice.


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    I use a string loop. The loop is attached so that one end is above the nock and one is below. I would suggest having a pro shop do this for you at least the first time to make sure its done right. I had one put on and they didn't leave enough extra for the knot and right when I was pulling the most weight before it broke over one end came undone, needless to say I gave myself a black eye and had to over come the flinching after it happened. I have heard that the metal loops are not as good but have never used one. One thing to keep in mind is that some releases don't attach to a d-loop very well, that is ones that automatically close when you push it onto the string. I love having the d loop but that is just my personal preference. Hope this helps,
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    You are ok to shoot the release from under the nock as you are doing.

    The string serving( the thread that is wrapped around your string where the arrow hooks up) will fatigue at about the same rate of a string loop. If you are experiencing premature serving fatigue. There may be some other problem.

    I never suggest putting one of the metal ones on. Anything heavy that you add to the string, near the center, will slow the string down. And, it will cause more felt vibration.

    Remember that if you add a loop, you have lengthed the draw length of the bow. Getting the draw length too long is bad.
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    Default Loops and releases

    I agree!! I have shot for years w/ my release on the string. Switched to a string loop a few years ago. I will say stay away from the metal loops. they will wear and cut your string up. You really dont need to switch unless your switching to a release that requires a loop. such as a back tension.
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    Just to throw it in there another option is a rope release. Do away with the metal and string loop. I have used one for years and never have had any wear on the strings. Only adds about 1/2" to your draw.

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