Show Your Deer For This Season !!
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    Default Show Your Deer For This Season !!

    Just was thinking , would be nice to see how everyone did this season. Post your pics from this season , Buck or Doe does'nt matter. Maybe even write a short story about how it happend.

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    here are most of the deer taken from the guys and girls on this site

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    Quote Originally Posted by BUCK SHOT View Post
    Just was thinking , would be nice to see how everyone did this season. Post your pics from this season , Buck or Doe does'nt matter. Maybe even write a short story about how it happend.
    He walked out 18yds chasing some tail.. Burped him he stoped.. Perfect double lung shot.. He laid down and died 20 yds from where he was shot..

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    30 yard shot on him. perfect double lung. Ran in a half circle and died 25 yards from my tree. Got down tagged him and climbed abck in the tree and an hour later shot the doe at ten yards from the tree. Spine shot her so she didnt go anywhere. Put another one in her to finish the job and called it a day
    That course was so easy I even missed a target !!

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    Here's mine.............................................. .........................

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    I shot this " Big Boy" Nov.8,2007 at 4:30 PM. I had to thread the needle to get the shot but the Ol' trusty Bowtech TomKat and I Got-R-Done. He field dressed 200lbs.He has a 24 1/2" Inside Spread!!! He's going on the wall. WooHoo!!!!!

    Well I left the Bow shop around 1 PM and went home. I showered with some scent soap, got dressed and left the house. I drove the whopping 1 1/2 miles to a hunting spot and realized I had left my bow in it's case laying on the living room couch!!! So I proceeded to haul ass back to the house and get my bow. Fast forward to the next 30 minutes, I spread out some Hot Doe piss on the vegetation around my location and I get 25 ft. or so off the ground in my Lone Wolf Sit-n-Climb. After about 30 minutes I switched off grunting on my Buck Growl Grunt Call and my True Talker with a little bit of Primos Estrus Doe Can action. Now last year I seen a Monster 12 Pointer in this area and lots of Doe action but never got a shot. So I knew I had a chance of seeing something once the Bucks here started trolling for Does.Well sure enough at 4:20 PM in walked this Monster 10 point!! He swaggered along like a Big Bull. He was just walking along like he was bored or something. It looked like he was walking towards me but then he veered of course toward a creek that bled thru these woods. And I quickly looked ahead and I knew I needed to shoot him befor he went down to the bank of this creek or I would not have a shot at all. So looking ahead and seen where I might have a shot. But there was little sapling twigs and little sapling limbs in my line of sight. I thought this aint gonna be good. So I decided that I was gonna have to thread the needle in this one and only opening that I had. I came to full draw and he walked right into the opening and he stopped. He was perfectly broadside at 25 yards! I quickly found his right front shoulder and put both my 20 and 30 yard pins just behind the crease of his shoulder. I touched it off and seen the arrow disappear right where I was aiming at. The Big 10 pointer jumped and ran down the creek and to the other bank and looked back. He then stumbled and stagger stepped until he fell over dead. All within sight of my stand. The 100 grain Muzzy 4 blade did what it was designed to do. It was "Bad To The Bone". The Muzzy tipped Carbon Express Terminator had a complete pass thru.

    After the shot I sat down and replayed the last couple of minutes in my mind. I knew it was a Big Buck but just not HOW BIG. I waited another 10 minutes and descended down my tree. I walked over to where I knew I shot him and found my arrow immediately. I then crossed the little creek and there he lay within 35 yards of where he was hit. I walked over to him and it seemed the closer I got to him the bigger he got. That's when I realized that I had shot a Book Buck. I held his head up and seen the massive rack. I couldn't believe how wide he was. And the brow times and the swooping main beams are remarkable!! It was a great day in the woods. A memory that I will cherish forever.

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