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    Default bow for youth beginner

    Hey Gang!

    Help! My strapping 12-year-old (almost six feet; 160 lbs) has become obsessed with bow hunting (thank you Wild TV!). I'm considering getting him his first compound, something he could learn on initially, then make the transition to hunting. I know this is a bit of a loaded question, but I'd love to hear some suggestions from you longtime bow hunters out there. I know everyone has their favorites, but fall back and fire away. It will give me a place to start. Love to keep the price somewhere in the $2-$300 range. Thanks in advance for any and all responses!


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    I bought my wife a Bear Badge Compund off Ebay for like $100.00. Try ebay. You will need to take your son to t proshop to find out his draw weight and length though. I shoot a PSE. I know they have some great youth bows. Good luck!
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    to the forum. Best thing would be take him to a reputable Archery Proshop. Not Gander Mountain,Bass Pro,or Cabela's. Get him measured and let him shoot a few and get a feel for the bows. As far as price PSE has some nice bows in that range. If you find something he likes but is out of your price range just check the classifieds here and on archerytalk. May find what you want. Good luck and keep it fun.


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    wow...ur boy is husky. try what others said. ebay is a great place for used bows in that range. my other concern is. take and measure his arm span from finger tip across his chest and than to his other fingertip.. take the total inches and divide by 2.5 and that is pretty accurate Draw Lengh. hes gotta be bigger than me if hes 6'
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    The Edge by Diamond is a nice youth bow for about $300, but the draw length only goes up to 28'' so I dont know. Good luck on finding the right bow for him and also it is very important that he tries a lot of different ones to get the right bow. DiamondDave

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    your best bet is to go to a shop and get him measured, then shoot a few bows to see what feels good...then look for used in the classified or ebay...some shops will have a few used bows on the wall also...

    another good bow is the Mission X3, goes for $350 new (bare)

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