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Thread: New arrow ?

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    Default New arrow ?

    I was looking at the carbon express site and it looks like the CX200's i have been shooting for a few years are discontinued....I was looking at other options and came across victory arrows just wandering how these would match up with what i was already shooting....Any advantages and disadvantages would be appreciated...Thanks

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    I like the radial X-Weave pro's and predators. There super tough and very straight. I dont know much about Victory arrows. Ask Mr. Morgan about them...
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    I use the radial x weave and they have done a good job for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottg View Post
    I use the radial x weave and they have done a good job for me.
    Me too. I love my X-Weaves.

    I agree also that JCMORGAN would be the guy to talk to afterall he sells Victory arrows.


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    I think your going to start to hear a lot about the Victory arrows. They are making a very strong and straight arrow. From the pro to the amateur. Don't be surprised if they become the arrows with the top name very shortly. The nice thing is also that they don't cost you an arm and a leg for a very very nice arrow.

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    Made the switch here for the same reason. Went from CX100 to Vforce 200's.

    I haven't been able to shoot them a ton, but they fly better than my CX ever thought too. Reports are slightly elevated speeds but I haven't gotten to a chrono yet.
    Customer service is top notch and they aren't new to archery, they were behind Goldtip.
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