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    Default Bow Hunters We Need Your Help!!!

    Brian Scarnegie has decided to run his campaign for 2nd Vice President of Pope & Young, on alienating the archery industry and attacking bow hunters within the industry. Pope & Young cannot afford to alienate the industry and fellow bow hunters, when we face much bigger issures, and the ANTI's!! Let's unite and bring bow hunters together!! It is critical that all associate members exercise their right to vote for the candidate of their choice. Many of you don't belong to Pope & Young because of all the past negative issues that have existed. I have felt the same as you. But let's be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Lets's put our money where our mouth is. I'm asking you to go online, and join Pope & Young as associate member, for 35.00.

    If you join today, you can still vote and support Warren Strickland in his bid to make a difference for all bow hunters. Remember, in an election you have no room to gripe unless you vote. Warren and I need your help. I never send out emails and ask very little of my friends, but at this critical time I need your help. I feel so strongly about this issue because of my love for archery, plus I know Warren
    Strickland will take the position as 2nd Vice President of Pope & Young to the next level.

    Go to; Membership requires 35.00 annuallly which can be paid with credit card on line and must be submitted by
    February 15th. To be a member you must have harvested one of the North American 28 animals with a bow. Also list two bow hunter friends as references. You will recieve a packet with a ballot enclosed. Mail your ballot back promptly, because votes will not be counted if they are recieved after Feb 28th. The ballots will be counted and the results disclosed on March 2nd.

    You will also receive a nice quarterly news letter from the club in the future. If you prefer to call and join, the number is 507-867-4144. We must all give back, Pope and Young is at a cross roads, its time the club was "INCLUSIVE AND NOT EXCLUSIVE." Don't be confused by Brian Scarnegie's false assertions!! Warren does not support crossbows in archery season or support their use in Pope & Young!!!
    If Warren is willing to make changes and work hard for bowhunters, the least we can do is support him!!!! Let's make a difference, every vote counts, have a great weekend!!

    Thanks for all your help,

    Concerned Bow hunter & Associate Member of Pope & Young

    (Bow hunting until I take the dirt nap!!!!!!!!!

    Pope & Young was founded on high ethical standards and fair Chase

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    Warren, also wants everyone to know that he supports crossbows for use by the disabled in archery season which could happen to any of us at anytime. Most of the state laws already provide this currently. Airborne

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    Warren, also wants to thank several that has supported him and joined Pope & Young. Again, thanks for the support, airborne

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