We are producing light brackets for Spot-Hogg sights. Right now we are only producing brackets for the big housing. Within the next few weeks we will have Light Brackets for the small housings also. This is an awesome product. It is by far one of the best light systems we have ever came across. It lights up all the pins excellent, and it conceals all the light so it don't spook game. The Brackets are all made out of 6061 Aircraft Aluminum. You can either contact Bill Ernst at (419)628-2174, or you can contact Brandon Jarrett at (419)852-0659. I hope you like the product, and please contact me or pm me if you want to see pictures, just give me your email address in the pm. Or email me a bjarrett1@aol.com, or vist the www.archeryshop-ohio.com, dschmackers@watchtv.net