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    Default Fastest/Best Target Arrow

    Hey Guys!

    Wondering what is the fastest/strongest arrow out there. I am shooting about 280 fps right now with my CX Maxima Hunter 350's (8.9gpi) and I would love to flatten out my trajectory a little...I'm looking to get up to about there an arrow out there that can get me that, and is it durable? I want to save my CX's for hunting, and then have a target bow that has stronger/faster arrows for target/3D.
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    You might try Gold Tip UL 22 series (7.3 gr/in). They're about as light a shaft as you're going to find to fit your specs. Also larger diameter for line cutting. I don't think you're going to gain as much speed as you desire just by changing arrows though.

    What all is on your string? Maybe you could clean it off some. Shorten the center serving to about 3". Using a tube-type peep and kisser button? Get rid of the tube and button. You don't need a peep and a kisser button. Also playing with cam rotation can gain some speed. There are all kinds of little tricks.

    You might get up around 300, but it'll be a push. Faster IBO rated bow is usually the easiest way. Try a Martin FireCat or Slayer.
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    Look at the Victory Archery line of arrows. They are very strong and durable and you can get them in a little lighter weight. that will help flatten out the shot.

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    Look at how these are built. You will not find a better arrow on the market. Buy 6 of them and try them out. You will be back for more.

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