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Thread: A Little Help

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    Default A Little Help

    Im thinkin of upin my game and switchin to a scope but i have no clue on how to pick one,use one or what to look for so any help would be great.

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    In scopes, the lens is everything. You need a good clear lens for 3D. Usually 3X or 4X is about the max you want to go.

    Even at 4x you may need a clarifier peep depending on the quality of the lens.

    A lot of the guys are shooting Classic scopes and lens'. They are pretty good. I'm checking out the new SureLoc Black eagles but they are pricey. I have looked through a few of the Vipers at 3X and they look real good to me and the price is reasonable.

    Post back if you have more questions.
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    Default Scope

    I am using the Sureloc Supreme scope with a 0.6 diopter grind (5x approx). The lens quality is excellent and the adjustment mechanism is solid. So far, I have not needed a clarifyer for the scope - just played with the peep size (superball kit) until I got a good sight picture and centering feel.
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