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    Default Is this deal worth it??

    I have seen some used Bowtech tomkats on ebay. The newest one is an 06 with afew acessories. Then I saw a brand new bow with all th eaccessories for about 100 dollars more then the used one. The problem is that i do not know if these accesories are any good. R these cheapo accessories?

    Please anybody that can help!!!

    I am dying to make a purchase but I do not want to make teh wrong one.


    here is the linkto the full bow package

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    Default accesories

    Looks to me that the stuff you get in the new bow package are things that you would have to already have or go out to get before it's all said and done. Long as we're spending your money I sure would go for the new bow. In fact that's exactly what I would do even if it was my hard-earned bucks.

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    That's a great setup. Definately worth the money.
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