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    Default bear 2 prong rest problem

    I recently purchased a Buckmasters BTR online. Very inexpensive package deal and everything is great on it except the 2 prong rest. It came disassembled, with no instructions on how to assemble it. Does anyone know where I can find this info? Assembly and tuning I guess is what I really need. It doesn't have any Identifying marks on it, and so I am guessing it is the same one that comes with all the Bear products. Thanx in advance, Bob

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    Without a picture, it is very tough to know. It's probably a standard TM hunter style rest. I'm guessing that you are not an exprienced bow mechanic. My advice would be to take it to a pro shop and pay someone the $5 to install it properly.

    If that is not an option, post back and we'll try to help you through this

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    Red face Hunter TM

    That sounds right to me. The nearest bow shop is 60+ miles away, which is why I bought it online. I used to bowhunt 16 years ago and gave it up for awhile. I decided to get back into it now that I retired and when I started looking around... I wasn't sure you guys were even speaking english!! Whisker biscuit? what the heck is that?! Anyway, needless to say, things have come a very loooong way since I left. This rest has 2 stainless prongs connected to a stainless rod with a flat side half way down it's length. The part that attaches to the bow, is a nylon type material and is in an L shape. It also has 2 springs and 2 round things that slide on the rod and they have set screws in them. If this makes any sense to anyone.....

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    Unhappy No rest because of this rest!!!

    I have been screwing around with this thing most of the day now. One thing I am sure of, is there is a left and right spring, I just don't know which is which. The part that really has me perplexed, is I can't tell what would keep the rest at the same height everytime?! That was what caught my attention earlier today. I was sighting in, and was all over the paper at 10 paces. Then I realized the rest was coming apart. I had not put it together right. When I was bowhunting years ago, Our rests were these little stick on tabs....

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    Save yourself the hassle, and buy a whisker bisquit qs. Great rest, and easy to install.
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