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    Default Do you use a rangefinder and which one?

    Do you use a rangefinder while hunting?
    If you do, which one do you like?


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    thinkin bout gettin one, lookin at the nikon 440, but i just bought a new digicam so the funds are a bit low
    Here's my setup Mathews Outback, Alpine Soft-Loc 5 arrow Quiver, Impact Solo-site, NAP Quicktune 2000 RG Arrow rest, Vibracheck stabilizer, Sims Ultra Limb Savers, Scott Mongoose NCS Release. Shooting Easton Axis Arrows (400's)

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    wood in Central Virginia


    Have used both Bushnell Yardage Pro 800 & Yardage Pro Trophy. Like different ones for different reasons.
    Rather then regurgitate go to *** and read reviews I have already written on the subject. Look under Archery equipment.

    Good Luck.

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    Default Use of Rangefinder

    I've been using the Bushnell Yardage Pro Scout for about 2 years for hunting as well as checking yardage after the shot at 3-D shoots and have not been disappointed in any way. Bought them thru D & R Sports for about 215.00

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    Default Tough to beat Leica

    I've been using a Leica "LRF 900". It's a bit pricey, but, it's awesome. The rangefinder is extremely clear, bright, and very accurate. With it's 8x power, you can even use it a monocular to size-up deer in the field. The scan is also a nice feature, you don't have to keep pushing the range button all of the time to range different distances. It's hard to beat German optics.

    I've tried the Bushnell Yardage Pro along with a couple of their larger models and wasn't impressed. Besides, the cover for the battery kept popping off in the field. I hope this helps.

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