I am big into processing my own deer. I live in southwest Iowa and I shoot around 8 deer a year. I used to take some of the meat to a locker to have it made into summer sausage and deer sticks. Now I have a grinder, mixer, stuffer, and two smokers. It is a blast to do. It is alot of work but what the hell. I have ground up 80 lbs of hamburger with 10-15% beef tallow added and made 30 lbs of breakfast sausage. I have 30 lbs of summer sausage in the smoker as we speak. My smokers are not charcoal brinkmans if you didn't guess that already. Anyway do any of you have any recipes that you really like for summer sausage. I have been using packaged stuff and I want to experiment some with the next batch. I have the high temp cheese and have been adding fresh jalepenos to the sausage. I also have both cure one and cure two so if your recipe calls for a meat cure I am set. Please I need something new to try. I would much rather make my own mix but not really sure where to start. Thanks