How many of the clubs that you shoot at have "home built" treestands or elevated platforms on the shooting course?

When you have a tourney, do you offer ground stakes for young shooters, older archers or those that prefer to shoot from terra firma (the acrophobic)? In the latter case, possibly at a slightly longer distance since the shooter took the option to shoot from the ground?

With these tresstands/elevated platforms, does you club maintain liability insurance should anyone take a tumble? Do you believe that your club would ever be able to get liability insurance again in the event that somebody did take a tumble?

The reason that I ask this is that many clubs in WI have really gone hog wild with treestands. Some of these are pretty rickety and they are a course bottleneck because a single person may have to go up 3 flights of stairs to shoot one arrow.

Our club wants to put some in and I think they are far more trouble than what they are worth.

What say you.