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    Question Suggest how make scoring rings

    I was wondering about all of the ways you have found to make scoring rings on target vitals and are there better ways according to target (Rinehart,McKenzie,R&W)
    The reason is that I want to put 12's and forteens on some vitals that only have IBO rings.

    Thanks for any replies !!!

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    You can heat up a socket wrench and burn them in or buy yourself a piece of pipe the size you need and burn them in that way. If you go to the
    ASA Web site you can search the forum for the ring sizes Dee Falks posted it last year some time. Depends on the size of target for the size of 12 and 14. Hope this helps and good luck.

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    could you also use an object and lightly run a dremmel around it???
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    Default scoring rings

    You could trying a soldering iron, that should do the trick.
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