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    Default Why so many after market strings????

    Why do so many people need after market strings?? I have been shooting my Zebra Barracuda's for almost 2 years no and have not had any problems with them other than the initial reserving at the cam rollover on cable. I am just wondering why they are needed and why so many people are making them anymore???


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    I had to get a new string after my bow fell of a stand.Other than that
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    I guess because someone has it to sell...and someone wants to buy it I never could figure this one out either...but to each their own.I've never had what i thought were any problems with factory strings and i never could understand paying a bunch of money for a new bow just to turn around and take it's s/c's off to buy new one's.I'm not saying it's a bad thing,just think that it's a club thing.I want to expess that who ever feels they need to do's what ever works for them.
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    You have 3 main personality types...

    1) If it ain't broke don't fix it!

    2) What i commonly refer to as gearheads (of which i am one). We're always tweaking, we're always tuning, always trying to improve or at least see what happens...

    3) Those that gotta have BLING!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pilot View Post

    3) Those that gotta have BLING!
    Yep that me alright..........................................
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    I generally shoot enough to start showing wear, that is why I bought my fist set. Also you can get colors that you might like better.
    Some factory strings are so crappy though, you get seperation and mjor peep twist if you shoot the bow regularly. Many people do not notice the string twisting because they use a peep with a tube.

    Chance are good that you will see a speed increase with a good set of Aftermarket strings like Wolfden as well! for the finest stabilizers in the world Custom String Suppression for that shot of a lifetime
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    the availabilty of different colors and being able to tweak your strings to your liking when building them.......
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    I hate a string with the end loops unserved. It kills me trying to get my fat fingers to get all the loops together, and keep them together while putting them on a post. That said, I don't change a string unless I need it, then i will not replace with factory strings. Why not get some bling when it's time to change?

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