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    Default a little more speed

    i have a 2007 65# diamond liberty, i am shooting carbon force radial x-weave pro 300's, total arrow weight with 100 grain tip and 2 in. blazers is 398 grains. I am shooting 276 fps with a QAD fall-away rest. 3D season is coming up and i was going to try and get a little bit more speed outta my bow. Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks

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    I guess you could crank your limbs down to 70#.

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    if your shootin ASA, 280 is the speed limit..... lighter points, take off any string silencers, just have peep and d-loop on string. Smaller vanes,mini or micro blazers? super short release set up to increase draw length 1/2".

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    Your only really choice, for signigicant speed increase is to go with lighter arrows. At 65lbs you can bring your arrow weight down to 325 grains. What is the total length of your arrow shafts. Be easier to give some ideas knowing that. I have found that every 10 grains of arrow weight gets me 2-3 fps. If you could get you arrows down in the the 325 grain range, I wouldn't be surprised to see you gain 15 to 20 fps. 325 grains would be the bare minimum at 65 pounds, as you never want to drop below 5 grains of total arrow weight, for every pound of draw weight
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    I'm with Tedicast on this one...

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    Tedicast, is correct......
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    an other way is using the unique super light QAD tun a nocks in your shafts will except an Easton uni-bushing size compatible w/t your korean PSE shafts.

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    or just drop it to 300 an do not tell anyone. You see since the 5 grain per pound is a public safety rule then I know there is a large buffer in there to cover there buts. But just do not tell anyone because you will get blasted for it.
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