Well, we had the pleasure of getting lessons from one of the best archers in the country. In fact two of them, but I'll get into that later.

Dave arrived at the shop on Friday. We chatted a while but the store was still open and I was helping customers. Two guys had pulled up right as Dave was walking. One guy says to the other, "Do you know who that is?!". It was very funny.

So I'm helping one customer and Dave jumps right in and helps one of the other customers. He really didn't have to do that but he jumped right in and helped. What more could a Hoyt customer ask for than to have his bow worked on by Dave Cousins.

On Saturday, he covered the ins-and-outs of the bows and why he sets them up the way he does. He showed us some high-speed video of equipment and it's reaction to the shot. He video taped each of us shooting to critique on Sunday. He covered quite a bit on each area, including tuning, arrows, rests, shooting form, etc.

He also started working on everyones bows. He re-setup each bow. We basically had Mathews and Hoyts all over the shop. Oh, and there was one Merlin shoot through. He proceeded to help everyone papertune their equipment.

On Sunday he had a surprise for the Mathews shooters. Dave and John Dudley are good friends. Dave called him to let him know he was in the area. John drove down on Sunday and help all the Mathews shooters with their equipment. Now we had the best Hoyt guy and the best Mathews guy in the shop at the same time.

Let's just say, I learned a TON from these two about the two bow brands. Incredible is all I can say here.

For those that don't know who John Dudley is; John works for Mathews and is an awesome shooter. He is also personally involved in the testing of new Mathews products. Getting setup advice from him on the Mathews bows was awesome.

Also on Sunday morning, we looked at each persons video and Dave explained things he liked and didn't like and what needed to be changed for each person. Some people needed more corrections than others.
Dave shorten draw lengths for some and increased them for others. Helped with anchor points, etc.

We then started working on shooting form. Dave had everyone standing about 5 yards from the targets and firing shots with their eyes closed. He evaluated each archer and at times changed things and helped each person with any troubles they were having.

Needless to say, it was a very busy weekend with long days and tons of information. I personally learned more in this class than all the others I have taken combined.

Having Dave here was a real treat. He is a great guy and we all really enjoyed having him here. Very easy to talk to and answered everything we threw at him.

I publicly want to thank Dave Cousins and John Dudley for their time and effort to help us mortals. These two guys put forth 150%. They went way beyond what was expected.

If you get a chance to get into a seminar with Dave or John Dudley for that matter, I highly recommend it.