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    Default Comments on the MAC Championship?

    I have heard some disappointing comments on the MAC championships.
    I was told there were many close shots even for the Comp class. In fact, I was told that most of the Comp Class shots were under 25 yards.

    If this is the case, I can only imagine how high some of the scores were.
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    Do you shoot these tournaments?


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    I normally do but work has kept me away the past two years. I was "MAC Shooter of the Year" a couple years ago.
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    Default Close Targets


    Yes, there were a lot (30-40%) of close targets 10-20yds, but 90% were rock rascals with 12 rings the size of dimes and depending how many were in your group you could be shooting for a safe 10 on those.

    I will say the 11 that were in the open were very demanding due to the windy conditions. Scores were not as high as you would have thought, a handful of 315+ scores.

    For my first time I enjoyed myself, took 5th in MCOMP and won a wolf target so I can't complain, but I do know about a couple of incidents that should I have been involved with it, the event wouldn't have been as fun, but hopefully they will take people's suggestions to improve the event for next year.

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    Double Lung' em' - I agree with you the shoot wasnt as easy as you might think. Sorry to hear that something happened - I hope you are going to share this information with the Mac Committee or atleast shared it with the ALA.

    Chris - You need to get your boss involved in archery and maybe he/she will let you come back to play with us.

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    Default mac

    Well I was 1 of 5 people that were involved in the problem they had. I will do my best to be fair in all my statements.
    I arrived at the shoot at 11:00am Sun. That was the soonest I could get there. Upon arriving I was asked if I minded shooting in a group of 5? I told the official I wasn't fond of the idea, 4 of us were comp shooters. I told him we stand a greater chance of having glance outs on little targets. He said they did not have enough score keepers to send out so we were basiclly shuck. So we finally went out about 11:30- 11:45. ( MAC rules say you must start before 12:00) The 1st 11 targets were in an open field with windy conditions. That ate up a lot of time. By target 12 we entered the woods. At this point it was almost 2:00. We had a range official walk with us for 3 targets and he left. Then 3 targets later an official came back on a 4 wheeler to check on us and left. He came back 2 more times and left. With only 6 targets to go the 1 st official that was with us as we entered the woods returned and asked how things were going. We said fine. He looked at his watch and told us we had 20 min. to shoot 6 targets or risk being DQ'ed. So he called for another official to score so we could break up into 2 groups and finish on time. Well by then panic had set in and we were nervous about making the time. Another scorer arrived and we broke up. I shot with another guy and the other 3 shot together. The guy I shot with and myself were running from target to target just to get them all shot. I did okay, but the others all dropped a bunch of points. The guy I shot with dropped 11 points in 3 targets. Needless to say there were some very unhappy people. The problem I have with the whole thing was they waited until it was to late to bust the group. This should have been done one of the four times an official came back to check on us. Never the less the MAC has lost several good shooters. In my opinion, the MAC drpped the ball. I hope they will learn from this and make things better for those that chose to continue to shoot the MAC. I, along with others have learned. That is to stay away, till they fix the problems. Jeff Borg (unconserned shooter)

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    That's terrible. If they knew you were going to be strapped for time, why in the world did they send 5 people in a group.

    I am sure there were some very unhappy shooters in your group. Why didn't the range offical tell you earlier that time was going to be a problem and break the group sooner.

    Having to run between targets is not right. The other shooters didn't have to run between targets.
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    That just plain sucks. Is it stated in the rules of the MAC for time limit to shoot a complete course? I just wasn't up to shooting it this past weekend because I have been traveling for work all last week. After hearing that I am happy I did not go. The MAC good be a really good org. and I know a handful of people try hard but they just make some bad decisions sometimes. I look forward to shooting with you when the indoor season starts.


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    MAC Rules state: Article IV, Section A, #1, letter t. There is a 12:00pm noon registration deadline and a 4:00pm deadline for submitting scorecards on Sunday at the Championship Shoot.

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