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    ahh ok. I was like dang thats alot of powder!!

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    I used to have a Desert Eagle .50 magnum that I carried []With my concealed carry permit of course[] Now that thing was a hand cannon. I loved that gun, its like no other handgun, or at least at the time wasnt, that was before the 500 and all that junk. Sold it to partially fund my custom built super computer. Regret it everyday, I want another but its hard to get with that hefty 1200 price tag.
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    Default poundage

    For target I shoot spots at 55# and 3D at 62#. But I hunt at 70. I used to shoot 3ds at 70 also. I shoot a Supertec for 3D now so I dont need to have high poundage to get high speed. I do not believe high pounds is a macho thing at all, I can draw back smooth and shoot accurate with my hunting setup, I shoot it everyday in my basement

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