Just shot my first 3D target league. What a blast! I've only had my bow for a week and shot it twice before the league.
We had 10 stations with 3 arrows each (x2). 8 stations were 1 arrow @15 yards and 2 from 20 and the tree stand was approx 25-28 yards all 3 shots. I had only set my 20 yard pin so everything other than that was a guess. Standing, sitting, kneeling, around trees, standing on a wobbly block and standing up on a log. My favorite target was the gator.
There were some really good guys but I shot 216 for the night. Not last but, room for improvement. I did drop 2 arrows (miss), I guess I flinched. I saw a few broken arrows (none of which were mine)
Really helpful crowd... they had to show me how to do everything.
I was grinning like an idiot for an hour afterward.

Guess I'm hooked!