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    can't we all just get along? Its just a choice of how much you wanna spend and how much you wanna get.

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    lol this i great!!!

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    We sell both of these bows in our retail store. They are both great bows and great shooters. For our shop, I have had one limb problem with a bowtech and it was a 2002 Pro 40 which I never saw the bow, just the limbs.

    The only bows with limb problems we have had in the store are due to dryfire.
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    Default This is not going well.

    I would just relax fellas.
    The reason that the post was originally posted here was due to what was hyped and blownout of porportions on archerytalk.
    The man asked a question for a reason.
    Obviously he is debating on which one is a better bow to shoot perhaps,and has every right to be in a pinch.
    There both killers,aren't they?
    It is not the worlds end if this never gets resolved to me,because we all got to choose a bow or bows to better ourselves by personal preference.Ya,I shot them both....don't own either of them because I am not ignorant?
    Just kidding......blah.blah.blah,ha.ha
    This isn't about some poster scandal,or if cracked limbs are coming on every pro40,or if there is a lifetime warranty on your nocks.
    I though while atleast he does have the two in disscussion,that I brought up the other nice 2006 bows as well,for a reason.
    Like I said before,all these hunting bows for 2006 ya really can't go wrong with them all....damn sweet year for these rigs,they just are smokin!
    I think that you fellas are taking what is in minor contexts of what opinions are and blowing them up.
    Just remember that all of us take pride in what we shoot of course,there is no bashing Mathews or Bowtech and a few others really for all that matters for this question in due.They(certain bows) all work fine for us,as certain individuals and we all choose accordingly.I know the only way there is gonna be a better bow out next year or for any of them to get any better is to reflect on the facts of what some bows do and are capable of....this is a vote for the two.
    All bow manufacturers get the facts from somewhere,so who knows,maybe one of the two companies just might find this interesting without all the hopla either.
    Just stick to the topic,and lets talk about archery,not be on archerytalk.ok.
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    Well said thank you.
    I cut things up and split them down!

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