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    Default supressor and expandables

    Two questions, my string supressor rubber keeps flying off. My bow is the Diamond Marquis 2008. Next is anyone heard of innerloc expandables, and how are they.

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    Those factory string suppressors dont last long. Replace them with something else when they're gone. I've never shot the Innerloc but it looks like a good design to me. I might try them someday.

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    Is it the string suppressor that catches the string or the little rubber squids that come on the string? If it is the rubber squids just replace them with something better like string leaches. If it is the one that catches the string just glue it back in with some fletching glue, shouldn't be much of a problem after that.
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    If it is one of the first of the 2008 line to hit the store, contact Bowtech. They changed the rubber that was used in the Shortstop string suppressor to a stiffer rubber that stays put.

    If you are talking about the string silencers, the Bowjax silencers are way better than any of the others IMO. You must press the bow to install them though (they slide over the string).
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