Hey there, just a quick greeting from Texas. I stumbled on this forum and decided to read for a while. It looks like a very informative place.

I recently decided to blow the dust off my bows and start shooting again. The bow I am shooting is an old school Whitetail II that I bought second hand some years back. I have yet to shoot it as the draw length was approx 4 inches too long. I recently took it to the pro shop and had some new modules put on taking the draw length down to with in 1/2 inch of correct for me.

My question is on the peep site. It seems like to look through it I have to stretch my neck out like I am on my tip toes trying to peek over a fence. It feels quite un-natural to me but the guy in the shop didn't seem to think anything was out of the ordinary. I wonder if the adjustment will require relocation of the site or if my natural form is not a good one?

Keep in mind this is the first bow with any site system at ALL that I have ever used. I am used to shaft siting / finger release and could hold my own considering this. I could hit a tennis ball 8/10 times at around 25-30 yards.

I have decided to catch up with the times and start using a release / sites and see how that turns out.

Sorry for the rant......just excited to get back in the game.

Hope everyone is doing well.