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Thread: lost in 2008...

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    Default lost in 2008...

    greetings guys and gals,
    not really "new" but re-starting shooter.
    reading many posts here i feel lost, still shooting a 6' WOOD longbow w/braided stainless string that was made for me as a gift in (about) 1969!
    my son got me a used compound a while back and just couldnt get the feel for it enough to get within several feet of the bull.
    anyone out there still use "antique" gear, and how the heck do i figure which of these new-fangled arrows will work the best for this type of bow?
    The originals were cedar and lasted till left in storage for several years...they are now about as warped as i am
    67 lb w/29" lop, original shafts made by the wright were 3/8" cedar @ 33"

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    Welcome back
    If you want to keep using wooden arrows I will look 3 Rivers archery.
    Here is there link

    Or at lest you can read up and maybe find some info there.
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    Welcome to the forum, and welcome back to archery...

    There is a huge interest in traditional gear and shooting now. I say get some new Cedars and have at it...

    Here are a couple more links:

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    thanks guys,
    as you can tell i really dont get on the puter much, and when i do i forget to check back on things.
    but thanks a whole lot for the links, may gt a chance to get back at it again soon

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    ....Lost in 08... Ha.
    Recurves and longbows may have changed slightly in materials, but not much else, well except that SS string. Fastflight material for the newer bows, dacron for the older. Woodies still work too. I like aluminum or carbon but nothing wrong with woods. I would not be able to pull your old bow, 40-50 is about it, but it will kill paper or animals, whatever makes you grin. Ask away if you got questions, we all have our opinions and would like to help. It's all about having fun. I started with a recurve, shoot compounds mostly, but lately been playin' with recurves again. It's all good here. Don't be a stranger.
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    thanks red,
    i wish i had a way to show the broadheads on the originals.
    each was hand shaped from what i guess was a peice of tubeing slotted to bend in and form the point, and then 3 hand cut blades were either silver soldered or brazed onto them.
    i may try to steam them straight and re-fletch just to hang onto as curios.
    long story short, there was an old timer still made a few of these when i was in grade school, he didnt mind us kids stopping by and watching if we were QUIET!
    seems i was the only one who actually was watching and trying to learn something, and eventually he had me try one he had done for him.
    a few weeks later he handed me this bow and hand full of arrows about a month or so before he died.
    was a few years till i built enough strength for a full draw, but that bow and hand built shafts did bring down 2 deer over the years
    and i guess i never have to worry if that string is to

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