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Thread: Need help

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    Default Need help

    Hi I have been shooting since September, and I might shoot 3D.
    I need help choosing the right arrows and the release

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    What are you shooting now? You really dont need anything special if your just starting.
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    Default agreed

    I agree... you can just use what you currently have until you improve your ability, and would like more advanced equipment. There's no use spending the money if its not needed.

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    absolutely. Shoot what ya got, until you feel it's holding you back.

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    No way get the right stuff now if you can, as far as a release, i guess its something good that you like and can afford, same with arrows, Youv been shooting sence sept, thats pry long enough to get pretty handy with it, depending on how often you shoot, guys will tell you no keep what you got with out knowing what you have, for all we know, youv got a $10 walmart thumb punch release, and 14 old beat up arrows, in 4 differnt sizes, and 3 of those are bent. I have seen alot of cases were equipment hold the level of the shooter back, as far as any of the new stuff, well its better then most of us, in my eye, you cant go wrong their, just gives you more room to grow with out the cost of replacing you equip every year.

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    First off what I would do is wait and see what arrows your dad is getting if he ever gets them and then snag a couple of those.... at your age you probably dont have a great big income, like some of us here that have all of the latest and greatest. Thats what I would do anyway (snag arrows from you pops), look at it this way, you will be saving him a couple bucks....

    He would have just Robin Hooded them anyway.......
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