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    Default Looking For Bow Tech Allegiance For Sale 05/06

    If any one can help me with some info on the Bow Techs. I am looking at buying one but hear all this hoge poge about limbs...TURE? FALSE? Any info will help. Why buy Bow Tech over Mathews...vise versa..I have read about the Bow Techs cam system and to me it sounds like it has a lil more technology and pull on single cam bows my whole family shoots PSE and one jus bought a Mathews now hes gung ho over Mathews. This is my first bow I want the latest and greatest as it is going to have to last for sometime...Any advise witll be a help!


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    We sell all of the big 3 bows. Mathews, Hoyt & Bowtech. I can tell you this, the only bowtech limb I have replaced was from a 2002 or 2003 Pro 40 dually. I never saw the bow just the limbs.
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    Thanks if you know anyone on here thats selling point them in my direction im trying to learn how to use this whole forum thing!

    Thanks Blake

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    I shoot a mathews and love it(them,i have two) but from what i read about the allegiane i dont think you could go wrong either way. go to a shop and shoot both see what feels better to you. good luck!

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    Bowtech don't have limb problems.
    Check it all out

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    go shoot the bows for your self and see what you think of them. All 3 make good bows, with their own special things, my opinon of them are, the bowtech aleagence is the fastest, but is slightly noisy, The switchback is slower, fairly qiut but to me has a off balance issue, i didnt care for they way it felt, the hoyt trykon is faster then the switchback, has better balance, and is alot quieter then the bowtec, i had a 05 alleagence, I didnt like it much and sold it to my buddy, he says its the best bow hes ever owned, well i say the best bow i ever owned was the hoyt trykon that i have now, ive also got a close freind that bought a switchback about 2 months ago, and he likes it and shoots it well, all 3 bows are great shooters, but offer a differnt feel, your better off going and shooting a few bows and find the one you want based on what you want it for. This is my opinon...........

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