Hey, Im trying to sell my 2006 Parker Buckshot since I outgrew it a while back and well theres no need for me to keep it if I'm not using it! I bought it a year ago for $350 and it came with just a whisker biscuit black quiver and peep sight and 3 pin sight. I upgraded a couple of things as I began getting into shooting.
-40-50 lb draw weight
-Draw length adjustable from 18-28''
-Peep sight
-string silencers(added)
-trophy taker drop away rest(added)
-atomic 1 pin sight (added)
-carbon express stabilizer(added)
-wrist sling
-camo quiver(added)
-MossyOak break up

Ill post pictures as soon as I get them. Its in absolute great condition, shot it probably 10 times and took it out hunting twice. Its a great beginners bow and fast! hot my first hog with it. PM me for info. I'm asking $250