It is the shooter, not the bow!!
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    Thumbs up It is the shooter, not the bow!!

    Some are confused as too what makes an accurate setup.

    Here is the truth as confirmed by the Hooter Shooter numerous times.

    It is NOT the bow - it is the archer.
    It is NOT the arrow - it is the archer.
    It is NOT any other equipment malfunction - it is the archer.

    All bows made today are very accurate - don't care what the sticker says!

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    wow and let me guess you also shot that group while the bow was upside down to didnt you, you are the greatest, your the best, is that what you needed to hear? And by the way I do not think my stories are messed up. Maybe if you could read or maybe even paid attention to what we are talking about. Oh buy the way have a good day sir GOD.
    Ummm........ NO on the upside down question.

    BOWMAN if you would like me too I can borrow my buddies XT and shoot pretty much the exact same group. Would that make you less offended by those that do not think the bow makes the archer?

    Practice more - you won't be so easily offended.

    And no I'm not GOD but he told me to tell you he loves you!!!! (and to practice more)

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    And once you get past the most basic tuning,

    It is NOT how well the bow is tuned - it is the archer.

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    Default Ok next ridge over

    You need to calm down a little. We all agree that most equipment made today is very good. I believe that the thread you got that from was asking switchback vs alligiance and I for one have seen with my own eyes 1 allegience this year with cracked limbs, and thats only out of 3 bowtechs that come into the range to shoot. And on AT I seen pics of I believe an Allegience that had exploded during a demonstration to gun hunters and Non-Hunters the pictures were not very pretty and they were all very lucky no one was hurt. But I have seen approx. 30 SB and SB XT at the range out which none have had limb problems. So safety is a very important topic no matter what brand you shoot. That is only 1 reason I ordered an XT last week. Other reason is personal preference. Bowman has already apologized to someone about hurting their feelings or something maybe it was you and you just need to grow up and let it go. I am in no way attacking you or Bowtech here just stating what I have seen and read. If this rubs you the wrong way then I too apologize I just want to talk to other archers and make good friends which I believe as adults we can do. This site is a very good and helpful site and is up to us to continue to make it this way. Later guys



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    The question was:
    "basically they said the switchback was over priced junk. What do you think?"

    My answer:

    I shot each bow. The XT is a sweet bow and anyone saying different has not shot the bow

    You are looking at a 3-arrow, 50yard group out of an '06 Allegiance.

    Glenny speaks the truth
    His response was the quote from my first post.

    Explain what I need to calm down about?

    Since you feel so free to offer me advice maybe I will give you a tip - (again). Because you dumped $800 doesn't NOT make you a good shot.

    Jump off your brandname bandwagon - it wont help your score.

    Good luck -

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    with my own eyes 1 allegience this year with cracked limbs
    Wow - you waited until your 46th post to reveal this earth trembling discovery.

    BowTech sold 50,000 bows in 2005. They will definately pass that this year. That is over 100,000 in last thirteen months.

    Your own eyes have found a flaw - WoW

    Stop the press - shut down - BowTech is done. Brown eyes has found a crack.

    Fastest growing bow company in the US for the last three years and they are certainly washed up now!!!!!!!

    How many BowTech's out there - 200,000 - 1,000,000? Great spot bud! You should look for a quality control job! AMAZING!

    How did this become a broken limb thread? Find something else to talk about. PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE!!!

    What does that have to do with the fact that ANY bow out there will shoot better than any of us - That is what this thread was originally about!!!!

    Why try to say your bow is better than anyone elses???

    I will smoke you with any new bow out there - you can pick it for me and bring your new XT. I will teach you what I'm talking about. The sticker will NOT save you - practicing perfectly is what you need to concentrate on - not cracks.

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