Some are confused as too what makes an accurate setup.

Here is the truth as confirmed by the Hooter Shooter numerous times.

It is NOT the bow - it is the archer.
It is NOT the arrow - it is the archer.
It is NOT any other equipment malfunction - it is the archer.

All bows made today are very accurate - don't care what the sticker says!

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wow and let me guess you also shot that group while the bow was upside down to didnt you, you are the greatest, your the best, is that what you needed to hear? And by the way I do not think my stories are messed up. Maybe if you could read or maybe even paid attention to what we are talking about. Oh buy the way have a good day sir GOD.
Ummm........ NO on the upside down question.

BOWMAN if you would like me too I can borrow my buddies XT and shoot pretty much the exact same group. Would that make you less offended by those that do not think the bow makes the archer?

Practice more - you won't be so easily offended.

And no I'm not GOD but he told me to tell you he loves you!!!! (and to practice more)