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    Default please help, i am a newbie...

    Hi everyone, i am new here. I really happy to have found this forum.
    I am looking to get a bow, and i like the shakespeare recurse looks.
    I was wondering if anyone know of any site that sell them. I've been looking at a few on Ebay.
    I live in San Diego and there i can't seem to find a place around here that sell archery items.
    aside from the bow, I was also wondering,
    how hard is it to put the string on a bow?
    I m atlethic and i also lift weights, so i can probably handle 45# i think.

    anything pointer would be greatly appreciated.
    so far, i don't have anything yet, except for money ;0)
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    ok, i just figure out that i need the following:
    1) glove
    2) tab
    3) bow quivers
    4) armguard
    5) bow
    6) arrows

    please let me know if that sounds like everything

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    sorry, I can't help you with your bow, but I can you to the site.

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    I don't know either, but

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    Shakespeare is out of business which is why you only see them on e-bay.

    It's not too difficult to string a recurve, but I would recommend using a stringer so you dont twist the limbs.

    your list is complete but you shouldn't need both a glove and a tab.

    check out Lancaster Archery Supply.

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    and thank you for all the warm
    i'll definitely do a little more reading on these stuff.
    been wanting to get into this stuff since i was a little kid, but my parents don't want me to get trouble and they don't like the idea of me possesing a weapon and i can understand their reasons. altho, i think that i can handle one responsibly now.
    thank you all for your response,

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    Sorry we aren't more help, but don't go away.
    Where would America be without the "gun totting redneck"?

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