Youre dream bow list. Have at it.
Black on black Original Switchback. If you can find one let me know. Would set it up as indoor bow.

Black out blue Apex 7 (maybe not to distant future) Set it up for 3-d.

Camo Prestige (thats a Mathews for those that dont know) Set it up for hunting- that would be a smokin set up

Gold anodized or saffari color Trykon.- Back up 3-d bow

Blue fusion Proelite-Just for fun and to say i have one.

Sportsman (Mathews from a 2 years ago) Bowfishing.

And If we had a decent Bowtech dealer around here and would allow me try out a couple of bows besides allegience I may have to add one of those to my list.

Also no Merlin dealers that I know of around here.

And the only Martin dealer around here is the same sucky shop that sells the bowtechs.