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    Default online archery shop

    any online archery shop that sell hoyt target compound bow?

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    I don't think dealers can sell Hoyt online!

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    Jbutler is right. Hoyt does not allow any mail order or internet sales.
    Chris Christenson - Admin - Find Archery Shoots near you - Archery Supplies

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    Default I have heard that before?????

    Why is that Chris? I got my XT for $627 but I've heard of some people paying around $750 for an XT in other states. Hoyt,Mathews,Bowtech are they all like this? Is it because it costs more to make a bow and send it to lets say Texas than Indiana? No, I don't think so. So tell me everyone what kind of prices do you have on different bows in your area? Just curious where is the cheapest. Does this mean that the quality of the equipment in the cheaper areas is less? Help me understand this a little Chris or whomever.



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    Prices vary depending on region. Same reason gas prices are different in different areas.
    Chris Christenson - Admin - Find Archery Shoots near you - Archery Supplies

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    Default price

    Price is based on how much you can get out off your Item ar service. It also has to do with compitition, cost of living.

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    Default All dealers have to sell accordingly.

    Ther is a set price on bows as to what the lowest prices should go.The more a proshop sells usually the price is lower,but not in all cases.
    It's like gas,sorta like chris said but once you get into canada whew,look out your paying a fortune.
    Some dealers determine how much they are gonna make on products by percentages or averages,some charge 10%,some 15%,some 20.
    The dealer that charges more than 100 dollars more less than another for the same bow is due to what he makes or sells usually.

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    switchback xt at the shop I use go $699 switchback $650 switchback ld $699
    I cut things up and split them down!

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