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Thread: Back tension

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    Default Back tension

    I hear about back tension all of the time, yet I am not sure of what it really is. The muscles in between my shoulder blades are prob. the strongest in my body and that is what I draw with as apposed to using my arms. That is not my concern, it is the point of release that I am really confused- my pins hardly float at all, and I know how it feels different when I am right on 10X, it is the followthrough? I hit the wall at full draw- then what am I supposed to be doing? I can squeeze my back all I want, it does not make my pointer finger "flinch" to make the shot. I am a little confused.- any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You are right on with the muscles. And, you should never "flinch" anything.

    If you are using a caliper style release, you slowly pull back on the trigger as you are applying the back tension. Your release hand needs to be relaxed.

    With a BT release, the release is rotated as your back muscles are drawn together. Thus, firing the release.

    Regardless of what release you use, the firing of the release should be somewhat of a surprise.

    I hope that helps some.

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    When using a caliper release, you need to hook your finger over the trigger and pre-load the trigger. Now you start the BT. If your using the correct muscles, your release hand elbow will move down and reward (behind you) this elbow movement will cause your release to fire. Inorder for this to work, your draw length need to be correct and your release needs to be a little short because you need the trigger set between your first and second knuckle on your index finger. The reason most shooters have problems with this is their draw length is too long and this puts their elbow too low at full draw.

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