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    Senior Member Daniel Boone's Avatar
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    May 2006

    Default Lets watch how the pros do it.

    Took these this last weekend of Bobby and Ron Smart. Ill throw a old one in of Nathan as well.

    Bobby Ketcher shooting

    Ron Smart

    Nathan Brooks

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    Junior Member OPP's Avatar
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    Jul 2006

    Default great videos

    I always enjoy when you post pictures and videos
    keep up the good work
    thanks OPP

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    Senior Member Daniel Boone's Avatar
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    May 2006

    Angry All the guys were beat by a girl this weekend.

    Now Annette Pettigrew beat all us guys this weekend at Sooner State games and shot high score. She a shooter. Wishing her well this weekend at Florida in Womens Pro.

    Click here. This was from last summer.

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    Story of my life Radar's Avatar
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    Great Videos thanks, Sounds like that girl can SHOOT!
    Target: Hoyt ProElite XT3000 C2, 60# 30", CBE Quad Lite, CBE 3x .019, Trophy Taker, Easton Fatboy 400's(indoor) lightspeed 400 (outdoor)

    Hunting: 2009 Alphamax35 (Blacked out) 70#, 29", HHA Slider, Bisquit, Easton ACC 3-60, Rage 100 gr. 2 blade

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    I look just like those guys.......just my form isn't as good.....and I don't hold as steady.......and I stink at back tension.......

    Good grief, did you see how fast she stows away her binos????

    Great vids DB
    Pathfinder Arrow Wraps

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    All of as a cucumber

    If I knew DB was hidin in the bushes with a camera takin my pic, You would see the most amazing crack under pressure shot ever.

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