Well guys after months of trying to figure out how to shoot the SuperTec I bought from a guy at my club comfortably, I finally broke down and bought something else. I figured when I bought it I would get comfortable with it when I got it all setup for me, well..... I could'nt. The string angle came back at such an acute angle that I had to drop my head to touch my nose to the string, tried changing things around including my anchor point but that was uncomfortable also. So its gonna probably go on Ebay or this site. So last night after work I went to the shop and tried different bows and the Hoyt Trykon XL came out on top. Man do I like this thing. I bought a camo one instead of ordering a anodized bow because I didnt want to wait six weeks to get it. I was a little leary on switching right before a tournament but I did well. Who knows maybe if I can talk mamma into another bow I might end up hunting with this one and ordering a colored Trykon XL when hunting season hits that way it wont be such a big deal to wait. But boy so far so good and I am really happy with the bow