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    Default Center adjustment

    Yesterday I adjusted 2 friends bows so their arrow rest and string are adjusted square from the centerline of their bows. Later that evening they went to a shop and range and the owner said that was the old way and moved everything back out of alingnment. He never even had them shoot through paper to see how their arrows are comming off their rests. Is there a reason it is the old way or am I way off base for getting upset about his adjustment?

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    Usually, the new bows do not have the string running down the center of the riser. One way to tell is look where the string runs around the wheel or cam. Is it offset to one side. Measure the axles and then measure where the string runs.

    For a right handed shooter, you will notice the string runs slightly left of dead center on the cam. This why the center shot is slightly left of center.

    If you tell us the bow, maybe we can be of more help

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    I did have it left of center by an 1/8. The pro moved it on him and said you don't have to worry about having it centered. To me that sounds crazy. I would say one would need it lined up. I know I shoot a Parker and it has 1 cam and a wheel. The cam is offset an 1/8 of center so I adjusted mine 1/16 off center because the wheel is dead center. I just split the difference and now I noticed I am grouping a lot tighter.

    One of the bows is a PSE
    The other is a High Country
    I don't know the model of them.

    Thanks Chris

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    Well, if you really want to see how close you are to where is "should" be, paper tune it.

    Stand 3-4 ft in front of the paper and shoot through it. If the tear is good, keep moving farther away from the paper. Try 6' 12' and 10 yards.

    If your not familiar with paper tuning, let me know and I'll give you more information on how to do it.

    Shooting through the paper will show you how your arrows are flying when it leaves the bow.

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    A friend has a laser tool for setting center shot.We set up my Icon with it,and I shot bullet holes thru paper.
    Of course having the correct arrows,and the nocking point set right is necessary.


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    I have heard the EZ center tools work good for most bows.

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