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Thread: Cleaning arrows

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    Default Cleaning arrows

    I'm going to fletch my first doz. arrow.My arrows are CHEETAN CARBON, I'm useing QUIK SPIN VANE.My ? is what do you all uses to clean your shifts and vanes ?Thanks Lynn

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    Sand them with a very fine sandpaper or emery paper and wipe them off with a CLEAN PAPER TOWEL. Do not use acetone to clean them, it will leave a film on the shaft. With most vane manufacturers you do not need to clean the vanes at all. I have fletched 100's of arrows with this method and had no problems at all. Also find out what glue is reccommended for the Quick Spin vanes.

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    When he says fine....I am sure he means fine. I use wet/dry sandpaper with a 400 or 600 grit.

    Also, I use denatured alcohol to clean of the residue.
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    Default Be Careful

    Use a razor to strip the vanes and sand lightly only enough to remove the excess glue. Wipe down with denatured alcohol and let dry.

    As for glue, any of the modern fast sets work - I am using a fast set glue from lancaster archery along with accelerator to shorten dry time.
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    Do Not Clean Quikspin Vanes With Anything, Just Dont Touch The Base W/your Fingers.
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    Default Soap and water.

    It is what you do clean carbons or aluminums with.
    Fine sandpaper or steelwool will take the surface of the shaft down for good adhersion,but.
    I use denatured alcohol or acetone to take the resin off the shaft after,usually when the glue or paint is on there so bad ya can't get it all off,it helps break it down but,ya do not need to do anything on new shafts,but soap and water for fletchings....
    I am not recommending anything but soap and water here for safety issues even after using the alcohol,I know it works on all shafts.
    I also advise not touching the base of the fletchings.
    If ya do,just see if it adheres,if it don't you gotta strip and start all over again.
    Quickspins are expensive,don't touch em.

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